Date: 9th May 2016
Calcium Feldspar Insulating Firebrick
If you are looking for customized and cheap calcium feldspar insulating firebrick made in China from a calcium feldspar insulating firebrick factory,Website:http://www.qunhuirefractory.com, Zibo Qunhui Refractory Co.,Ltd is always at your service.DescriptionHigh temperature insulating foam materials belong to original high-tech products of China. The materials with tiny closed-pores and crystal lattice foam net structure are produced by using fine particles as main starting materials through some advanced technical processes, such as self-developed concentrated suspending solution preparation process, steady foaming agent surface activity preparation process, gel casting and rapid gelling shaping process, etc. The materials have some marked advantages of high refractoriness, low density, high strength, and good thermal shock resistance, can replace the conventional medium- and high-temperature insulating materials, can reflect high level and quality of China?s new type light-weight insulting materials.SpecificationBrandIndexCAS?23Safty application Temperature. ?1260Bulk density g/cm30.52Crushing strength Mpa1.1Linear ShrinkageRLC?%-0.5??h1230?241090??Reversible thermal expansion0.6W/m?k?Thermal conductivity400?0.14600?0.16800?0.171000?0.22Al2O3 ? ?%39Fe2O3 ? ?%0.8CaO ? ?%13Note:All technical data given in our brochures are average values on the basis of proven testing methods and are subject to generallyapplicable production tolerances.They can be modified without prior notice ( e.g.due to the new raw materials or to technical development).Uponrequest we will send you our Material Safety Data Sheets.Application1. Primary hot face linings2. Back-up insulation for furnaces and kilns3. Flue insulation4. Sulphur recovery equipment5. Hot blast stovesAdvantageLow impurities (such as alkali) content and good carburization resistanceHigh service temperature (1100??1260?)Higher strength than the conventional light weight refractory insulating bricksLow bulk density (0.45?0.55 g/cm3)Low thermal conductivity and linear expansion coefficientGood thermal stability. The products can be heated or cooled rapidly, increasing the efficiency of industrial furnaces greatly.Special shaped or big block products, easy to process and installEasy maintenance
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